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Where the wealthy live

Bigger budgets mean more choices in all areas of life, including housing.  In fact, you could make a strong case for arguing that housing is possibly the area in which the level of your [...]

Is Consistency The Key

Put yourself in the shoes of a football manager.  You have to choose between a player who is pretty decent all of the time and a player who is utterly brilliant some of the time, but, at [...]

Investment Sums

If you read an advanced-level textbook on economic, the mathematics involved may make your eyes water.  That’s OK because while many advanced economists are also successful investors, there [...]

Avoiding Value Traps

Learning to read financial statements is an essential skill for any investor and, in all honesty, it’s a skill which can take a bit of time to acquire.  It’s not just about reading headline [...]

Investing Ethically

The concept of ethical investing has been around for many years now and, like a number of other “sustainable” movements, has gone from being regarded with a combination of suspicion and amusement [...]

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